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How Do I Place An Order?​
The price shown on this website include customs duties and US shipping costs.  Please add the item which you would like to buy to the shopping cart.  After you finish buying the items you wanted, check out and complete the procedures to place the order.  We will send you an order confirmation if the item is available or we will let you know when it will be available.  Kindly note that the items advertized on this website are subject to availability.

Payment and Delivery
We will contact you to confirm the order (subject to availability) and forward you an invoice for settlement.  You may pay the invoice by cash or by direct transfer.  Special order will be available within 7 - 15 business days from the date when the funds were received. The delivery time may vary for back ordered items. The Bermuda delivery cost will depend on the location of the delivery and the size of the item.  


Our technicians will service or repair your appliances and televisions professionally.  Please contact us if you need any appliance and television services. 


Repair costs are free if done within a year from the date of purchase (warranty period).  There is a repair fee, after the one year warranty period, depending on the repairs to be done. 



Bank Transfer

Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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