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We offer various types of massages for male and female guests: 


•    Swedish Massage 

This traditional massage service improves circulation, breaks up toxins, reduces muscle aches, improves flexibility and promotes relaxation.   60 minutes - $90.


•    Deep Tissue Massage 

This service provides the same benefits as the Swedish massage, but with a more concentrated effort on tense muscle groups using deep pressure.  60 minutes - $90.


•    Face Massage 

This massage technique is performed while client is clothed.  It slows down the ageing process and achieves tauter, tighter, healthier skin.      15 minutes - $30.


•    Foot Massage 

This massage refreshes the blood supply and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Your cells are rejuvenated.            15 minutes - $30.


•    Hand Massage 

This therapy can improve the health of the joints and help alleviate pain from injuries. It improves the psychological mood, decreases stress and helps improve sleep.  

      15 minutes - $30.

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