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Boat Detailing

Boat detailing

We are a totally mobile company offering boat and yacht detailing and restorative services. We value our relationships. We constantly strive to improve and deliver personalized meticulous service at reasonable prices.


The price for detailing a boat depends on its size, its structures and components, the extent of its neglect and the procedures or the detailing program decided upon. 



General Washing:

  • Complete wash down of entire yacht above waterline using surface appropriate soap, brushes and sponges

  • Clean cockpit hatches, gutters, fish boxes, drawers, tackle station and lockers

  • All exterior topside surfaces are completely dried to remove water spotting.



General Washing PLUS:


  • Isinglass and Strataglass polishing/restoration for optical clarity

  • Hard Glass mineral deposit removal/de-etching and application of a hydrophobic barrier for optical clarity

  • Metal cleaning and protectant application

  • Vinyl deep cleaning and protectant application

  • Ongoing mold and mildew treatment

  • Exposed rubber gaskets and foam seals protection

  • Bilge cleaning

  • Engine room cleaning and detailing

  • Teak cleaning and more

  • Rust removal / reduction

Other Services:


  • Waxing

  • Sanding

  • Compounding

  • Interiors: We offer a full all-surfaces meticulous interior cleaning service emphasizing eco friendly products

  • Teak/Varnish: We use a variety of methods and products to clean, seal or finish teak for the appearance you desire

  • Bottom Cleaning/Painting

  • Engine room detailing/painting:

  • Gelcoat Repair

  • Provisioning

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