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5 games in 1 Valued Sports Set: catch and toss ball, dodgeball game, throwing target, play badminton or ball, Frisbee game. Include: 2 paddles, 6 catch balls, 2 tag sticky vests, 2 racket with 2 badminton, 1 flying disc   Age 3+

Toss and Catch Ball Outdoor Games

SKU: TossCatch
  • Multi-functional Games to keep all busy and have fun. Add variations to the normal throw and toss game. All is a good way to promote interaction among colleagues, friends and family.
    Unbreakable paddles & balls: The Paddles materials with high toughness, not fragile, softer balls keep the racket from being damaged again. The balls are much stronger and softer
    Dodgeball Throwing Target Game, the vests have large targets on the Front and Back of the vest. Racket with badminton and soft ball. Flying disc is easy to catch and throw accurately outdoors.

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