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The LED Copter has an instruction card, seven inch rubber band and batteries ready for a great flight.  Click here to view demonstration.  Bulk discounts available.  6 for $5 and 12 for $9.  Great Fun for kids and adults

LED Copter

BD$3.00 Regular Price
BD$1.00Sale Price
  • Please notice the wing near the top to rest your thumb on when you shoot. Our LED copter whistles on the way up then flies but goes a little higher upon launch. The height that our LED copter achieves is because of the quality plastic that is used in all aspects of the LED copter. Our wings are much thicker and maintain the crease very well. Our wings will never flap in the air hence our copter spins down after hovering in the air at the maximum height of 200 feet. Also please remember the LED copter has the brightest led light and we never use old batteries in our helicopters. Please enjoy the night fun with your LED copter!

  • Low price Easy to carry Easy to operate with sling shot system Brightest led light of any flying copter Can be reused Low prices on additional battery packs Attain instant height in microseconds Made with high quality plastic material

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