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This Foot Game adds vitality to a Party for Kids and Teens. Give Full Play to the Flexibility and Curvature of Your Body, Overcome the Obstacles of Others, and Persist in not Falling.

Fun Indoor and Outdoor Game for Kids or Family Party

SKU: Floorgame
BD$30.00 Regular Price
BD$20.00Sale Price
  • After Turning the Spinner, the Spinner Points to the Circle and Body Part of the Corresponding Color, and then the Player does it according to the Instructions.
    It's Easy to Set Up and Put Away, not only can it be Played Indoors, but also for Outdoor. A Great Game for Family Reunions, Party, and Team-Building. It Can Help you Release the Energy.
    It's fun and assist in stretching
    It includes a Plastic Floor Mat and a Spinner. The Size is 43 * 62.9 Inch (110 * 160 cm) suitable for 2 and More Players.

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