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Bubble Machine for Toddlers, Kids and adult parties.  This fun Plug-in Bubble Blower Machine for Parties, Weddings and Campings.  This Professional Electric Automatic Bubble Machine is good for Indoor & Outdoor Use.

Bubble Machine more than 800 Bubbles Per Minute

SKU: BubbleMach01
  • Age 8+

    Easy for Use -- This bubble machine deliver oodles of bubbles at one press of the button.
    Portable & Durable -- Made of high quality safe metal material for superior toughness and rust protection. The bubble machine for kids is equipped with a detachable handle and lightweight design. It is portable to make fun with you wherever you go.  It can be connected to a generator for ourdoor use.
    Dreamy Atmosphere Creator -- Large high velocity fan makes bubbles rise quickly in the air to create a fun and romantic atmosphere for kids parties, stages, wedding etc.
    Plug In -- This high output bubble machine works with AC adapter. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
    Fast Bubble Generating -- Large high velocity fan with high performance rotor rotating at speed of 10-20 rpm helps generating thousands of bubbles per minute, running stably and reliably at 1 speed level.

  • The bubble making machine should not be used for more than 8 hours consecutively and is best operated at 40-90F. Performance of the machine may be reduced in low temperatures.

    How to Use

    1. Pour bubble liquid into the liquid reservoir. Note that the type of bubble liquid used can affect how many bubbles are made.

    2. Plug the power cord of the bubble machine into a grounded electrical outlet.

    3. Switch the power on/off switch to "I" gear to generate bubbles.

    4. Switch button to "O" gear to stop bubble generating.


    - Material: Metal

    - Operation: Manual

    - Tank Capacity: 0.75L

    - Power: 25W

    - Voltage: AC 110V-120V/60Hz

    - Weight: 3.35 lbs(NW), 4.08 lbs(GW)

    Package Contents

    - 1 x Bubble Machine

    - 1 x Handle

    - 1 x User Manual


    1. This bubble machine has to be plugged into an outlet to use.

    2. Please keep the air intake ports free from blockage.

    3. Do not use outdoors in the rain as this may lead to a short circuit.

    4. This bubble machine only has one speed.

    5. Please do not shake the bubble solution before you pour it into the bubble machine.

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