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The construction set is easy to build 5 different vehicles such as Bulldozers, off-road vehicles, cement mixers, and bucket trucks. It helps children to develop the imagination, improving hands-on ability.

5 in 1 Engineering Building Creative Set 86 Pieces

SKU: Eng5in1
  • The creative toy set come with tools and the guide book to teach you how to assemble each part step by step. Children will spend their time to enjoy the process of assembling the object.

    Toys are enhancing your child's science, technology, engineering, art and math skills through play. It is the best birthday or holiday gift. Promotes eye-hand coordination; improves hands-on, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills; cultivates patience and relieves stress.

    5 different designs can be built with 86 pieces of construction blocks. The kids are able to create the different model that they like. Moreover, it is allow them to keep change the model if they would like to.

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