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Want to have fun with kids pedal bikes, push bikes or bicycles

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Bicycles or push bikes are fun to have to go around in Bermuda. It is great to have fresh air especially during summer. We sell a variety of bicycles or push bikes (12" or 16") on this website. The bicycles or push bikes are solid, beautiful and comes in different colors like pink, blue, black and purple.

Can a 2 year old pedal a bike?

A 2 year old toddler can pedal a bike if the kid can keep one's balance and be able to guide the bike in the yard. Some training is needed but kids learn fast if they are interested to do it. This is why training wheels are included in the package. There are no brakes on push bikes, pedal bikes or bicycles as the toddlers can put their feet on the ground to stop the bikes. A 12" bike is best for a 2 year one but the height of the kid will determine the type of bike to buy.

What is the best bike for a 3 year old?

A 12"push bike or pedal bike is best for a 3 year old. However, the height of the kid will help to decide which one to choose. BMX bike is good as they come with training wheels and are not too heavy to guide. The kid will need to be trained in order to ride the bike properly and avoid injuries. We usually recommend to buy a helmet and knee pads for protection when riding the push bike or pedal bike.

When should a toddler get a bike?

Toddlers around 18 months and up like to learn new things during that period of the their lives. If they can keep their balance on a bike, they will be able to ride it properly. However, if they don't know how to keep the balance yet, guidance and help will be needed to make the toddler ride the pedal bike. It might take 1 or 2 days before they can ride on their own and enjoy the ride.

Are training bikes better than balance wheels?

Balance bikes make it less painful to transit to pedal bikes versus training wheels bikes. The toddler will have the pedaling motion down with training wheels, but no concept of balancing. They will need to learn how to keep the push bike standing upright and see what happens if they fall. This is why it is essential to wear a kid's helmet and knees pads and elbows pads for protection from injuries and crying.

Kids Scooters

Kids scooters are great for kids of age 3 - 8 years old. The kids scooters have lights are available in blue, pink, purple and black. The scooters can be pushed and ride on.

  • This kid scooter encourages children to be active

  • The kid scooter can be adjusted at the T-bar that lets your kid raise the scooter up to fit their height

  • The smooth, sleep operation and unique non-marking wheels is great for indoor fun and quiet

  • The T-bar can be removed from the deck to bring this scooter anywhere or to store it easily

  • The exciting, motion-activated light-up wheels add a sense of wonder and fun to the ride and have a great time playing

  • Helmets are recommended when riding the kid scooter for safety purposes.


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