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Medical or non-medical gloves for nursing, care and restaurants or hotels

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Hygiene is paramount in the current environment. The demands for personal protective equipment (ppe) have increased tremendous. The use of gloves is important to protect oneself from infections or hygiene purposes. There are different types of hygienic or medical gloves. The hygienic or medical gloves need to be strong, flexible but not slippery. The gloves must have a good grip. This is why we sell gloves 4 mil (0.12 mm or 0.004 inch) thickness and ambidextrous.

What type of gloves to buy for nursing and caregiving?

The health care sector likes to use medical or non-medical gloves which are 4 mil thick because they do not tear easily. The gloves are flexible enough to do the job properly and safely. There are various colors of medical or non-medical gloves available like clear, light blue, beige and black. Nitrile and Latex gloves are used more often. Some people do not like latex gloves as they develop allergies to latex and these gloves are powdered. Nitrile gloves are powder free or have light powdered. Most caregivers or the medical sector go for the powder free gloves so that they do not interfere with the other substances or they do not impact the surrounding with powder. Nitrile and Latex gloves are available in small, medium, large and extra large. Latex gloves are cheaper than nitrile gloves due to its cost of raw materials.

What type of gloves to use for restaurants and stores?

Gloves (3 - 4 mil or 0.003 - 0.004 inch) have been used by the service sectors in order to protect themselves from infections. Restaurants and stores tend to use vinyl or latex gloves. Those who are allergy to latex would definitely use vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are cheaper than vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are beige while vinyl are clear, blue or black. Both latex and vinyl gloves do not stretch as much as nitrile gloves but they do protect the hands when working. One should make sure that they know the width of their hands before buying gloves. Sizes may vary slightly from entities to entities. Apart from the thickness of the gloves, make sure to read the dimensions of the gloves and whether the gloves are with or without powder.


Disposable nitrile gloves are strong and thick and offer plenty of stretch for use at home or for commercial use. The nitrile gloves are 4 mil thick and are made tough. They are food safe, powder free and latex free to prevent allergies. The nitrile gloves work well for restaurants, hotels, rest homes, at home care, clinical facilities, hair, nail and beauty salons, tattoo parlors, and other offices with patients or clients with latex allergies. The disposable nitrile gloves are available in blue or black, have beaded cuffs and are ambidextrous. There are 100 pieces in a box. We sell medium and large sizes. Check our our website for more information.

What does nitrile gloves mean?

Nitrile gloves are basically made of a synthetic rubber. Nitrile glove does not contain any latex and are mostly powder free. It is safe for contact with people who are allergy with latex. These types of disposable gloves are generally less thicker and more elastic than latex gloves. Thus, it offers less sensitivity for the fingers and hands when touching or grabbing. They are one of the most popular type of glove sold currently. They offer a superior strength, dexterity and resistance to oils, water, alcohol and some aqueous chemicals in comparison to vinyl or latex. This is why they are often used in the medical, retail, laboratory, food and manufacturing industries.

Is nitrile gloves safe on skin?

Nitrile gloves are disposable and usually used once. They protect the skin from substances and contaminations. Therefore, the nitrile gloves are safe for the hands and have been used for several years by the health community. People who are allergic to latex or synthetic materials usually buy nitrile latex free powder free gloves to protect their hands.

What gloves can be used instead of nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves are quite expensive compared to other medical gloves. In hospitals, it is important to use nitrile gloves for the protection of the medical staffs. However, if nitrile gloves are not available, other options like latex gloves or vinyl gloves may be used. Not everyone can use latex gloves due to allergies to latex. This is where vinyl gloves can be another option.

Why are nitrile gloves so expensive?

Several companies started to use nitrile gloves when latex allergies became common among employees. However, the prices for nitrile glove have fluctuated drastically recently because of shortages of raw materials. This is the major driver for the price increases of nitrile gloves. This is why some firms are moving to synthetic nitrile gloves or hybrid gloves to meet the increasing demands in various sectors.


Disposable vinyl or pvc gloves are less flexible and clear. Vinyl gloves can be used once and disposed of after use. The vinyl gloves are less stretchy but strong. They are commonly used in restaurants and commercial businesses for retail and janitorial services. We sell medium, large and extra large sizes on our website.

Are vinyl gloves chemical resistant?

Vinyl gloves are too thin and not resistant to chemicals. There are other types of gloves available for hazardous chemicals. They are thicker (8 - 10 mil) and made of a special plastic to prevent injuries. Vinyl gloves are made for single use. They are comfortable, cost effective, suitable and mostly used in food and janitorial industry.

Can vinyl gloves be used in the health industry?

Hospitals rarely use vinyl gloves to examine patients due to safety reasons. Vinyl gloves are used in janitorial setting in the clinics and hospitals. Some caregiving entities use vinyl gloves for bathing and food preparation. These vinyl gloves are food safe and prevent contamination.

Which is better nitrile or vinyl gloves?

Nitrile gloves are more expensive, flexible and durable compared to vinyl gloves. Nitrile gloves are better to protect the hands for a longer period. They fit the hands tightly and give a sense of security and protection from bacteria and viruses. They are sometimes used in high class hotels and restaurants.

Are vinyl gloves washable?

Vinyl gloves are designed to be used once and then thrown away after use. The person protect one's hands and prevent contaminations. Vinyl gloves are often used in food and janitorial sectors. Vinyl gloves can be reused if there is a shortage, as a measure of last resort.


Disposable hybrid gloves are also known as synthetic gloves (shown below). They are usually used as a substitute to vinyl gloves. The hybrid gloves or synthetic gloves are strong and soft. They are recyclable and thus, produce less waste. They easily fix the hands even if the hands are wet. The hybrid gloves or synthetic gloves are safe for care services, food contact and janitorial tasks. These gloves are cheaper than vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves. These types of hybrid gloves and nitrile gloves are sold on our website.


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