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Adult diapers and pull on or pull up underwears

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Talking to someone else outside of your family about disposable underwears or diapers or incontinence may not be easy. One may try anything to conceal it until it is too hard to conceal. Help is available in Bermuda. Do not hesitate to contact us at 13 Dock Hill, Devonshire if you need assistance to know what type to buy. For incontinence, there are various types of adult diapers with tabs and pull up or pull on adult disposable underwears. You need to choose based on the specific needs of the adult who will use it.

What are the different options available for adult diapers?

Some diapers are unisex while other diapers are gender specific. Some diapers are made of cotton inside while others are made from a sort of gel. The diapers made of cotton inside tend to release a bad odor after being used for 3 to 4 hours. The person must be washed properly to eliminate the bad smell. The material used in these diapers are made from a type of plastic which can irritate the skin or produce heat or redness on the skin. So, be careful when using those cotton diapers they might be cheaper and economic but not the best to wear comfortably. On the other hand, some diapers, which are made from gel, are odor shield and the material used are leak free fabric that do not irritate the skin. The user is more comfortable. The adhesive used to attach the diaper is also important to some people. There are some diapers which adhesive cannot be adjusted after it has been attached around the waist. It will tear the diaper if it is pulled too hard and it is hard to attach it back to fit the person's waist. Other diapers have like a light velcro tip to attach the diapers around the waist. These types of diapers are more adjustable and will not tear easily.

What type of diapers to buy?

There are various types of diapers. So, how to decide? If the person who will use the diapers is bed ridden (cannot get out of bed), then the diapers with tabs would be best as the diapers can be put in place or change easily in bed. However, if the person walks or move around the house or circulate outside the house, then the pull on or pull up underwear would be best. These underwears allow the users to be more independent to move around and more comfortable when changing the underwears. The waist size of the user will determine the size of the diapers to buy.

How to save money on adult diapers?

The more you buy the cheaper it is per unit. This is why more people tend to buy in bulk or by cases if they can afford it. It will result in less trip to the stores and more time to do other things. Adult diapers are available by packages or in bulk on our website.

Adult diapers with tabs

Adults with incontinence and who have difficulties to move one's legs or are bed ridden tend to use adult diapers with tabs based on their waist sizes. Some adult diapers are made of cotton and others are made of gel materials. Some adult diapers with tabs have odor control and have cloth-like fabric to make it more breathable and more comfortable for the user. This avoids skin irritation. Check out our website for the various types of adult diapers with tabs.

Adult Pull on or Pull up underwear

Disposable underwear is often referred to as disposable pull on style “diapers”. They usually do not have any tabs on both sides, although there are some varieties that do have them on both sides for size adjustments rather than for fastening. Protective underwear or pull on underwear is great for individuals who can use the bathroom independently, either day or night. The adult pull on underwear or adult pull up underwear is used mainly by adults who can move around the house or circulate outside. They are light absorbent compared to the diapers with tabs. They can be much more appealing for some people who are incontinent and still mobile. There are different options available like gender-specific or unisex. There are some which are very stretchy, others not so much. This cannot be used by people who urinate heavily as the pull up underwear or brief is not absorbent enough. The pull on underwear would be uncomfortable to wear which walking. Due to its light absorbency, urine would leak in the bed if the people urinates a lot during the night. This is why pull on underwear is recommended to people who are independent with incontinence.

The pull on underwear or pull up underwear is disposable and can be carried almost anywhere. Adult pull up or pull on underwears are comfortable, odor shield, leakage protection and elastic. These are sold on our website. Our pull up underwears or pull on underwears are at reasonable prices and we are here to assist you. Contact us today!


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